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Forget about playing snake on your ancient Nokia 3310 – why not try out these awesome modern snake inspired games instead? Snake is one of the most iconic mobile games and was one of the first of its kind – our snake titles use the original gameplay mechanics but offer improved graphics and awesome new features. Take control of your own snake today and test your reflexes!. Play free online Snake Games at

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Top Snake Games

  1. Summer lake
  3. LittleBigSnake
  4. Snake Blast
  5. Snake Mania

New Snake Games

  1. Balls Vs Blocks Online
  2. Snake Attack
  3. Block Snake
  4. BrickZ

What are Snake Games ?

Snake games allow you to take control of a variety of cartoon and 3D snakes with the sole intent of growing as large as possible! Snake games test your reflexes, mental power and fast fingers as you try and increase the size of your snake whilst navigating through an increasingly tight space!


Do you like snakes? It's cool if you don't, because these snakes are no threat to you – other players, on the other hand... Enjoy a twist on an old classic with! Like the classic game Snake that graced ancient cell phones and computers for decades, you grow by eating small pellets. But thanks to our library, you now get the same action while competing against other people. Feel free to chow down on your smaller enemies, but remember that "there's always a bigger fish", snake.

Looking for a way to challenge your friends head-on? Then Achtung Die Kurve is the game for you! This game allows up to six players to play on the same keyboard, thanks to its simple two key controls. Sure, it might get a bit crowded, but you can see the looks on your friends' faces as you cream them at this challenging game! Grow your snake as long as you can get it while using power ups to help you and make life miserable for your opponents! If you're a fan of Slither, then check out It offers the same eat-or-be-eaten gameplay that makes Slither fun, but with a candy twist. Indulge your worm's sweet tooth to make it grow longer and stronger, while using your mouse to give your hungry worm a boost of extra speed. It makes sense, since all that sugar energy is going to have to come out somehow!

Having someone crash into you isn't the greatest if you're driving a car, but that isn't the case in! Like, you grow by eating little snacks and other snakes, but with a slightly different approach. Accelerate your snake to make others crash into you, turning them into a tasty meal – no insurance claims or lawsuits!

We add new Snake Games every day. Play free online Snake Games at now Have fun!

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